Eye Care Services



Our Basic Eye Care determines your prescription power. Paired with our detailed case history taking, our Doctors can provide you the most suited pair of glasses for your everyday use.


The health of your eyes is more than just your vision. EyeCare360 goes beyond the usual eye check-ups done by most optical stores. It checks the eyes and the visual system as a whole. The procedure checks abnormalities in the eyes that might lead to sight-threatening conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, and complications brought about by Diabetes and Hypertension.

Examination includes (but is not limited to) the following:

Visual Needs Analysis: Paired with our detailed case history taking, analysis of the patient’s visual requirements and demands at home, work, school and play. In order to accurately correlate these, questions about the patient’s school/work environment and other activities may be asked.

Visual Performance Assessment:

  • Measures visual clarity of the eyes, both with and without corrective lenses at near and far.
  • Eye refraction- checks the efficiency and focusing power of the eye through a combination of objective (measurements) and subjective (patient responses) techniques.

Eye Health 360

  • Checking the state of the eye inside and out using a biomicroscope, ophthalmoscope, and a dilated eye examination when necessary.
  • Neurological Assessment of the Visual System includes a review of the pupil reactions, eye movement and teaming, and general assessment of the central and peripheral visual field.
  • All test results are used in the final analysis. This is to determine what prescription lenses are appropriate for treating refractive and visual problems, to develop a program of eye training exercises, and/or to recommend medical or surgical treatment.
  • The history of eye health and results of the examination are basis for recommendation of future eye care.
  • The Doctor of Optometry’s professional knowledge, experience, and judgment are final analysis of the eye exam.

An individual presenting signs and symptoms, along with professional judgment of the Optometrist may significantly influence the tests


Eye Care should start at an early age. Our EyeCare360 is also available for kids to determine if they are prone to any eye diseases and take early measures to prevent any disease from developing.



Cases of dry eye syndrome continue to rise because of the prevailing digital lifestyle we are living. With the help of our EyeCare360, our dry eyes management solutions keep your eyes well-hydrated to reduce the strain you experience on your eyes and prevent it from occurring again.



Patients that wear contact lenses require some special care by our doctors and staff. In addition to the eye exam, the doctor will provide services that are specific to the wearing and fitting of contact lenses. The doctor will evaluate the cornea for abnormalities that are specifically related to contact lens wear including contact lens peripheral ulceration, contact lens-related dry eyes, corneal, conjunctival and lids complications. The cornea will also be assessed for signs of improper contact lens fitting. Corneal diameter will be measured and compared to current contact lens diameter to determine if any adjustment in lens size is needed. Corneal surface curvature as well as the amount and axis of astigmatism will be analyzed to see if any change in contact lens curvature is warranted. With the results of those assessments, your eye doctor can provide a contact lens prescription “tailor-made” for your eyes.



Myopia or nearsightedness can develop in some children usually because of lifestyle and genetics. Empowered by our EyeCare360, Myopia Management Solutions prevents the disorder from worsening at an early age, helping them keep their vision safe and intact throughout the years.


Orthokeratology, also known as Ortho-k, is a process that uses specially designed rigid gas permeable contact lenses that are worn overnight during sleep to reshape the contour of the cornea to temporarily eliminate or reduce myopia (nearsightedness).

    What are the benefits of ORTHO-K?

  • - Myopia control
  • - Freedom from wearing spectacles during the day. Perfect for sports and active children.
  • - Lessens the risk of having eye diseases such as cataract, glaucoma, and retinopathy in adult life.
    • What are the benefits of ORTHO-K?

  • - Children, preferably 8 to 21 years old, with progressive myopia of -6.00 and astigmatism of up to -1.50.
  • - Busy and active adults who want to break free from wearing contacts and eyeglasses.